The Holy Grail of Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skin Care products by NeoGenesis Inc.Blog by Pamela Vendetti, Lead Esthetician, Lead Educator – NeoGenesis

The search for a “holy grail” skin care product that stops aging in its tracks and creates flawless skin, drives consumers to spend any amount of money in the multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry.  The belief is that there actually is a perfect anti-aging skin care product, and with enough energy and research, it will appear.  The product will work the promised magic, and then skin, and life, will be beautiful.

A more realistic view of an anti-aging product may be found on Wikipedia, which defines anti-aging as:  Delaying or lessening the effects of aging, especially on the skin.  The newest advances in skin care technology are able to work with the skin to increase cell health and longevity.  This means that anti-aging skin care is now a reality! Read more >>


Introducing NeoGenesis 

NeoGenesis is in the business of providing skin and hair products that naturally enhance people’s lives.  With a core emphasis on serving the oncology community, our products are completely safe, yet highly effective for everyone.

Our Product Line

NeoGenesis offers a line of non-toxic, organic skincare products that include:
Recovery for faster healing for traumatized skin; Skin Serum for visibly healthy, more radiant skin; Intensive Moisturizer for enhanced hydration and Hair Thickening Serum for denser, healthier looking hair.

Why NeoGenesis?

Because It Works!

NeoGenesis® brings you the most advanced stem cell cosmeceuticals available today. Harness your body’s own natural regenerative mechanisms to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin look and feel vibrant, young and healthy.

Only NeoGenesis Delivers S²RM® Technology

NeoGenesis, Inc. has discovered a new core adult stem cell technology. S²RM® Technology is a patented exosome-based system that delivers stem cell released molecules (SRM) from two adult stem cell types to produce the kind of cosmetic benefits you will see and love.

Special Offer

We are proud to offer our wholesale customers and affiliate partners the only next generation stem cell science anti-aging cosmeceutical to use S²RM®.

Call our offices to discuss our special offer for you. Let’s celebrate this next stage of growth for our companies together.

NeoGenesis Special Offer - Wholesale Customers and Affiliates