Voting is currently open for The Skin Games and we have someone very special participating we want to introduce to you. If you haven’t heard of The Skin Games, here is a brief description from their page:

“The Skin Games is an international competition for Skincare professionals where competitors from all over the world can enter various categories to test their know-how and showcase their amazing results.”

The Skin Games has various categories in which Estheticians participate. The winners are chosen from each of these categories as they fulfill the requirements.

The Skin Games Compassionate Category

Tracy LacinaThis year, we have the amazing Tracy Lacina competing in the Compassionate Category. This category was developed to bring awareness to those Estheticians who are committed to helping their local communities. It brings awareness to acts of kindness and helping others in the industry.

Tracy lives and practices in Iowa and has dedicated her life to helping those with cancer and other illnesses as they battle various skin issues. She is competing for a chance to win a donation to support The Bird House Hospice Home of Johnson County, where Tracy works as a volunteer. Her complete dedication to those in need is a true inspiration and we are privileged to be able to support her in this work.

Using the link provided here:, please take a moment to check out The Skin Games and place a vote for Tracy Lacina. It only takes a moment to join her in her desire to help others who are struggling. The list of participants is in alphabetical order.

We are deeply appreciative of Tracy and the work she does and we thank you for supporting her work.

Please let us know right away if you have any issues with the link or voting.

Thank you to all of you.


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